Campus Postal Services



Congratulations are in order.

Congratulations to Jan Wilson and her team for winning the Ralph Yates Golden Stamp of Approval Award. KSU Campus Postal Services was recognized for outstanding innovations or achievements contributing to the successful operation of a member institution.

KSU was the only university to receive this award.

Campus Bulk Mail

Processing and Delivery!

Kennesaw State University’s Campus Postal Services now offers a variety of services all done in-house. You can save time and money by using Campus Postal Services to process your bulk mailings. Bulk mailings are any mailing that has a quantity of 200 identical pieces or more.

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Serving Kennesaw State University.

The mission of Kennesaw State University’s Campus Postal Services department is to provide a professional and efficient mail service to the university community using existing and emerging technology.

The Campus Postal Services department supports the mission of the university by providing on-campus centralization of specialists and equipment to assist the administration, faculty, and staff with high quality mail processes at a competitive and/or reasonable price. It is also responsible for the inter/intra-office distribution of information among faculty and staff. Customer service is the top priority.


Auxiliary Services and Programs

What are we, and who are we? To state it simply, Auxiliary Services and Programs (ASaP) addresses the nuts and bolts of daily campus life. Under our umbrella are the departments that provide the essential elements of campus life to students, faculty, and staff to make every day a success at Kennesaw State University.

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